Cheryl Strawbridge

Bespoke approach to best support your life.


Mindfulness is an evidence-based approach to expanding self-awareness. It helps us become aware of the unhelpful patterns in our thinking, remove subconscious blocks, self-sabotaging behaviors, and habits.
Cheryl offers mindfulness privately or you can click below to access her unique brand of mindfulness via the Ovio website.

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Private Work

Weaving together all that she has studied and experienced over the many years of personal coaching and mindfulness work, Cheryl now effectively combines traditional therapeutic modalities, mindfulness, systemic constellations, and other more holistic approaches to create transformative results for her clients.

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Tarot will not tell you what to do but will help you think about your problems from a different perspective and, as a diagnostic tool for decision-making, help you find a solution. Most typical analytical processes incorporate cognitive and emotional intelligence; tarot can add a third transpersonal dimension.

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Kind words from others

“Cheryl has been blessed with a unique ability to see the gifts that lie within individuals and to understand what lies beneath the layers of suffering and the I am not enough-ness. Thanks for helping me return to true myself”

“Thanks for being there for me Cheryl. I found you when I was rock bottom and you steered me back to a life I now love showing up fully for.”
“Cheryl is transformed my life by helping me realise that I had everything I thought I lacked, deep inside of me, she helped me access it so I could begin to live my life wholeheartedly”
“Cheryl is highly intuitive, skilled and supportive. She offered us guidance, perspective and solutions in a kind and humble manner.  Knowing I had an expert on board who had our child’s best interests at heart was so liberating.”