Cheryl Strawbridge BSc., Dip RM. has been coaching clients for the last 14 years and worked in the healthcare industry for two decades prior.  

Cheryl's extensive training and experience in evidence-based and ancient wisdom-based practices with respected teachers both nationally and internationally led her to develop her own unique therapeutic approach. This approach has created extraordinary success stories.

Currently, Cheryl supports her community of 300 plus, national and international mindfulness coaches, as well as many clients through Ovio and in her private practice.

" Teaching people how to be more conscious and deliberate about how they live feels like the worthiest way for me to be using my time.
When I was younger I advocated for change any way I could to make the world a better place.
Now I feel the most effective thing is to work one heart at a time — there is so much potential for positive change in each person, which ripples out into communities, businesses and into the world. ”  

- Cheryl Strawbridge.


B.Sc. Biochemistry, Physiology and Psychology.(Massey)
Dip R.M Diploma of Remedial medicine (NSW)
Certified Relationship coach (San diego)
Certified Strategic intervention life coach (San diego)
Empowered Empath and Sage soul (New York)
Accredited Mindfulness consultant. ( Ovio founder)
NLP certified coach. (US)
Black belt Zen do kai (NZ)
SCUBA diving instructor (Florida)
Systemic constellations(Mark Wolyn) 

My Story

Leaving behind a difficult family life, I moved to university, seeking education, hoping that it would provide me independence, safety and a better life. Upon graduating, I headed from New Zealand to Australia.

After five years of work in the healthcare industry, I followed my urge to travel. Exploring many different cultures and countries along the way, I eventually found solace, peace, and freedom in the beautiful blue waters of the Caribbean, pausing my travel to work as a scuba diving instructor.

After two years of living my dream life, a diving incident left me paralysed by the bends. After intensive treatment in a dive recompression chamber, I was very grateful to recover the ability to walk (only 2% of people do!)  Unfortunately I was left with intense headaches and other health issues. My youthful ‘whole life plan’ was disrupted which catapulted me deep into depression and addiction.My brother noticing my life was spiriling downhill enticed me back to New Zealand.

This is when my journey into complementary healing modalities began. (And has never ended.) Recognising the limits of science, which I had so revered in my younger years, I started my search beyond the boundaries of science, initially for my physical, mental, and emotional needs and eventually to offer to others.

I am now living the life of my dreams. I am happily married with three awesome adult children, surrounded by a community of loving friends and extended family, when I’m not enjoying one of my many hobbies I get to spend my time doing the work I love.

Looking back, I can now connect the dots and understand I was on a self-directed healing education. The more I studied, grew, and witnessed the healthy return to wholeness in myself and others that a combination of modalities offered, the more attracted I grew to weave them all together to create my unique offering.

I would love to spend time with you to listen, see and understand what you’re currently experiencing.

From there we will playfully journey, using many different modalities, to reach your desired outcome.


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Coaching Modalities 

Systemic Constellations

Sometimes, despite our greatest efforts, we find ourselves struggling to live our lives fully or relate well within our family. Sometimes we need to look beneath the mind and into the soul, into the heart, even into the family system we were born into and the patterns running our life.Through the lens of constellations, we may see deeper patterns in ways that allow new pathways of connections, healing and resolution.In a constellation we receive new insights and healing images through the senses. We see new representations of our family as well as other elements of our life. We even feel these new dynamics in our bodies. These experiences can nourish our view of ourselves and our relationships with others in a way that seems effortless. Systemic constellation therapy can have a profound impact and give lives new direction. 

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Intuition is an innate sense present in all humans, but rarely taught in the western world. As children, we are often discouraged from relying on intuition yet studies show that our ‘gut feel’ is most often faster and more accurate than our thoughts.* Learning to trust your intuition can be an incredibly powerful tool, one you can use throughout your life for decision making and for navigating your way.

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Define your problem in solvable terms to create a map to overcome obstacles, to co-create and to reach an empowering future. Using neuro linguistic techniques we can anchor new potentialities within the conscious mind, the senses and the subconscious - creating lasting change. 

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Energy coaching

When we are feeling blocked, stuck, used, conflicted, burnt out, or exhausted we experience this energetically as well as mentally and physically.

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Transpersonal psychology

Transpersonal psychology Is an evidence-based approach to broadening one’s perspective on life and recognising the connections between human consciousness and the collective consciousness. Powerful images found within the mythic Tarot archetypes take us away from the clutter of our lives to connect with a deeper sense of wholeness. Archetypes are commonalities in the evolution of the human psyche that have existed for humans across different cultures, belief systems and time periods. They help us find our place in humanity and the cosmos, inspiring hope and optimism.

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Mindfulness is an evidence-based approach to expanding self awareness. It helps us become aware of the unhelpful patterns in our thinking and remove subconscious blocks, self-sabotaging behaviors and habits. Access Ovio Mindfulness

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